Freebies and Fails

I’m putting the Freebies right here for the TL/DR crowd:

  1. The SFFwaudio Podcast. I like SF and I love G.K. Chesterton’s The Man Who Was Thursday, so I’m enjoying listening to the audio version and looking forward to hearing the podcast discussing it.
  2. Instant Pot Recipes at is giving me an overview of my intimidating birthday gift, which I haven’t used yet.

The recent three days of snow have made me grateful (yet again) for kind neighbors and profoundly covetous of their garages. I have to remind myself that I can survive another winter without one, unlike a furnace or a water heater.

Last month I tried an old college trick to save money: eat ramen noodles. Ugh! How could I have forgotten that taste!?!?

 I dressed up the next package with vegetables, garlic, and a bratwurst.** That was much better, but I regret that multipacks cost less than singles.  Yes, there are more, but they’re relegated to the last-resort food rations.

(Note for the curious: Last-resort food rations are things I don’t particularly like but will eat in a pinch. A good example is a jar of too-spicy salsa casera which I brought to The Factory because young humans will eat anything on a tortilla chip!)

I really miss entertainment in the winter. There’s nothing like a reading or watching a good story during a cold evening. The nearby theatre district and local cinema entice me via e-mail – a musical would be fantastic! – but long days at The Factory have prevented me from straying.

I reached my public library’s digital movie and audiobook limit during Friday’s snowstorm. Luckily my bibliophile co-workers supplied a free resource: used paperbacks in the lunchroom. I snagged a copy of Winter’s Tale by Mark Halperin because it’s enormous and the prologue reminded me of the beginning of Haruki Murakami’s After Dark.  

**Yes, bratwurst. Six sausages for $1.99 was quite a treat. It’s not spicy like chorizo nor sweet like Italian-style sausage.