40 Days, 40 Bags… oh, boy!

There are thirteen days left in Lent (not including today) and I have eighteen bags to go. A certain someone who will be known as Kiko thinks I won’t make it.

Yes. I. Will.

The hardest bags (actually boxes) are filled and gone: books and art supplies. I thought long and hard about how much reading and painting I do versus how much I dream of doing. 

I was reminded of a personal organizer who worked in the Detroit Metro area. She said – and I paraphrase based on memory – that people were haunted by reminders of their old hobbies and felt relieved when they gave those tools and supplies away. I mostly feel sad that those activities have fallen by the wayside on this crazy road of life.



Living the Luxe Life

La Casa de Tontería is not just a nice little place to rest my weary head; it’s a casually elegant domicile in a historically undervalued neighborhood.

In other words, the talk with the tax assessor didn’t go well.  Continue reading

Final February 2018 Progress Report

The highlight of the month was getting shot.

I attended active shooter response training in the workplace. Called ALICE, it was conducted by local law enforcement and designed for unarmed civilians.

I was shot by an undercover police officer. He walked in quickly and “hit” several of my coworkers, too. It took just seconds from the time he fired in the hallway to the moment he finishing shooting us.

A sobering experience, to say the least. Continue reading

Yay! It’s morning!

I used to be very much a Morning Person: go to bed earlier than my roomies, hop out of bed earlier, and sing cheerily until banned (my roomies and guests tend to be Night People).

Winter, however, begged to differ. February was always difficult, as sunrise comes rather late. Overcast days outnumber those stunningly deceptive bright days when blue skies and gleaming sunlight make snow look inviting.

But this year has been worse. In December I found myself setting TWO alarms: one to roust me from bed, the other to wake me up wherever I happened to fall asleep. (A nap between donning socks or a snooze while reading the weather report!) Continue reading

Five Quick Links

I like to check out the blogs of people who have followed, liked or commented on mine.  Sometimes I end up following them, too, particularly if their blogs differ in theme or style from mine.

Here are some recent posts that I liked. As you can see, I appreciate photobloggers!

  • Cindy Knoke’s beautiful photos of Patagonia.  She takes beautiful wildlife photos. I asked her if she had photographed any ducks, of which there are a wide variety in Argentina.
  • Tiny House of Steel recently posted an update video of their namesake.
  • Derrick Knight has another photo-filled post, this time about Heath Robinson.
  • The writer and teacher Charles French has been featuring re-blogs of his students’ blog posts which are quite good. However, I began following him for his themed quotes posts, like this one about teaching.
  • Anthony Vicino gave a list of his top books of last year.

Freebies and Fails

I’m putting the Freebies right here for the TL/DR crowd:

  1. The SFFwaudio Podcast. I like SF and I love G.K. Chesterton’s The Man Who Was Thursday, so I’m enjoying listening to the audio version and looking forward to hearing the podcast discussing it.
  2. Instant Pot Recipes at Allrecipes.com is giving me an overview of my intimidating birthday gift, which I haven’t used yet.

The recent three days of snow have made me grateful (yet again) for kind neighbors and profoundly covetous of their garages. I have to remind myself that I can survive another winter without one, unlike a furnace or a water heater. Continue reading

2018 Progress Report #2

I missed last week’s blog because I went to The Young Human Factory and stayed there until quite late, assessing the quality of our products. I spent extra hours there this weekend, too, but to get ahead.

  • I made the second payment on the principle of La Casa de Tontería’s mortgage.
  • After a month of bullet journaling, I had to replace the journal. Schedules kept changing, events were cancelled indefinitely, and the pages didn’t hold up to the rigors of being crammed into an already-stuffed satchel and stuffed with sticky-notes. Pro tip: write dates in ink, plans in pencil.
  • My writing stinks. I cannot find a way to save the novel’s rough draft. In the meantime, members of my writers’ group are making inroads all over Steemit, Amazon, magazines, and actual printing presses! I have got to finish a short story STAT before the pros have no time to read other people’s crappy drafts.