About J. Balconi

I grew up on the outskirts of a small town, in a lumberjack’s shack that had seen decades of additions. It stood beside a lake created to regulate the flow of logs running downstream to lumbermills.   I dreamed of a big-city job and of living in an apartment overlooking blacktop rivers that ran endlessly.

I never dreamed of dealing with bizarre neighbours, living paycheck-to-paycheck, or spending two hours daily navigating a 14-mile commute.  And the job! I decided to change careers even before the head honcho went on trial and various bigwigs went to jail.

In pursuing a new career, I found myself on an ironic path which led to the outskirts of a small town on the shores of a river.  And to a new little house full of nonsense.


8 thoughts on “About J. Balconi

  1. Jean,

    I was wondering if you still had those books/essays of Takashi Nagai. I really wanted to read about him and if you still had a copy of some sort it would be extremely helpful to me. It would definitely save me the trek of hunting for them in libraries. Let me know!


    • I still have one, called Leaving My Beloved Children Behind. That’s the book of essays. Unfortunately, I lent out The Bells of Nagasaki, his autobiography. And since the paperback is selling for more than $200 on Amazon, I fear I might not see it again. Such is life.

      I will e-mail you shortly. (I see now that you actually included your e-mail. So unusual among my tormenters commenters!)

      And an addendum – your e-mail doesn’t appear to be working. Can you e-mail me your address?


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