D-Day at the Young Human Factory, or ARGHHHH!!!!

As long-time readers know, I work as a Quality Assurance Inspector at the Young Human Factory. It’s both a demanding job and a wonderful vocation. Oddly enough, as the level of challenges have increased, so has my job satisfaction.

But like the rest of the Republic, my corner of the country is under financial stress. We Factory workers have endured a pay freeze for several years, a pay cut this past year, and now we await lay-offs.

Monday the fourth is Doomsday. (Yes, today.)

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A perfect winter day

January 31st is generally not ideal weather, but today was exceptional. I woke to birdsong and sunshine gleaming on the snow. One of the oak trees  appeared to be sporting a fur muff, but it was a black squirrel splayed on the trunk, sunning itself. Continue reading

A Dream Come True… ¡Ay, no!

I have a recurring dream. In it, I awake on the day of final exams. It’s noon. The tests took place in the morning, so I arrive to the Young Human Factory just in time for my boss to fire me. Or a grade-school teacher to scold me.  Or an empty-eyed stranger (never seen outside nightmares) to swivel his ghastly grinning face towards me.

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