New Computer: Oh, Happy Day!

I carefully wrote out a list of every need and want in anticipation of my 2020 challenge A Year of Mindful Shopping (I thought it sounded more honest than “Year of No Shopping”).

However, I already purchased the #1 on the list: a new computer.

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Tech: A Necessary Evil?

My computer, a Lenovo Yoga, died abruptly. To be more precise, the latest Windows 10 update killed it. First came the announcement that Win10 would no longer be supported, but an update was available. Goody. After the usual shutdown and restart sequence, it stayed off.

Then I turned it on manually, at which point large white text on a dark screen (typical safety mode), declared, ” Removing the files which were uploaded.”

And then my computer died.

Virus? Bad luck? !?%&@!!?!! Incompetent company?

I don’t know. And I no longer care.

I still have the persnickety laptop that the dead one replaced, albeit without Internet access.  The old version of Office allows me to work on my novel, which was saved – hurrah!

To blog, I’m relying on a crack-screened, no-longer-updating iPad that connects to my WiFi and my wireless printer. I can’t update the blog design (sorry), but the writing and reader features work just fine.  Someone suggested I try blogging with a phone, but the laser-beams from my  eyes incinerated him. Or maybe it was just the fire I feel in my eyes after staring at a tiny screen too long.

I will see how well (and long) this cobbled-together system works.

I Lost It…

My entire novel disappeared. I was working on it in Scrivener, took a break to delete old financial files and then…

A pop-up on my OPEN DOCUMENT informed me that my file no longer existed. “This window will now close,” it said.

And it did. The only thing left in the folder were files marked setting and such.

Sure,  I had last week’s backup file on a separate drive, and Chapters 1-6 had been compiled and printed off. But not the current version of Chapter 7. I had spent TWO DAYS writing and revising it, raising the word count from a little more than 1000 to almost 3000.

So it’s back to the writing tomorrow. And from here on out, I will use the compile option every day to save the current chapter as a rich text file in another folder.

Techno-Queens and Analog-Drones

M’e the Fashionista is my go-to for tech reviews. She is not the most tech-savvy person in my circle – that title surely goes to Elder Brother – but she is an “early adopter” and swaps apps the way she changes shoes.

Recently an acquaintance was discussing installing new circuit-breakers and electrical boxes to handle the load. If you guessed it’s a household that loves technology, you get a gold star.

Me, I’m relatively low-tech. Is there such thing as a “dumb phone”? I have one. My printer has wires and no scanner. Although I recently bought a new Yoga laptop, I also upgraded to a $44 stereo which plays CDs and has a remote. My plans and appointments are still written on paper.

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