April… erm, May Update

It’s been a while. Life at The Young Human Factory has flooded over into el ocio (edit: leisure. My brain is not wanting to English today.) I enjoyed a lovely luncheon on Cinco de Mayo in honor of my aunt’s birthday.

However, when I take a weekend off, I must pay with another. This weekend is devoted to lawncare and catching up at work.

But all is not bleak. Below are highlights from the previous month. Continue reading

Losing power…


This past Saturday, high winds brought down powerlines in the neighbourhood. I was so very glad for the unseasonably warm trend, since the house cooled quickly between the time the power failed and 5 am, when I woke.

Losing power is rather common for La Casa de Tontería. Branches fall on the lines and strong winds topple poles. I expect to be left in the dark once in winter and twice in summer. The last long outage was April 2014. Continue reading