The Book Nook is progressing nicely…

As I mentioned recently, La Casa de Tontería would be much improved by a library – if only there were space.

I decided to create a “book nook” in the smallest room, which previous tenants use as a home office and a nursery respectively. I’d been using it as a “spare room” – the local name for a room full of old furniture and miscellany.  A treadmill dominated it, nearly blocking the window.

A warning to readers: I’m indulging in decorating details. Continue reading

Oh, lovely books!

Where is human nature so weak as in the bookstore? –Henry Ward Beecher

With the office rearranged and (mostly) organized, I see clearly my bibliophilia.  It’s not a surprise to me, since I’ve loved reading since I first learned how. When I was a little kid, I used to read an English dictionary while riding the bus.  When my older brother entered high school, I’d borrow his literature book when it happened to be lying around.

Our family always had books at home, whether library books or the old hardcovers passed on from other family members; e.g. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn with its advertisement urging readers “Buy War Bonds!” Once in a very great while, my teacher hung a book publisher’s poster in the classroom and my mother let me order something.

It was so much fun looking at cover art, reading titles and blurbs, and finally selecting the best one.  My best friend Tōn was my consultant, since we both loved books. I still recall the thrill of receiving the enormous paperback of Watership Down. It was the biggest children’s book I’d ever seen, a novel I read and re-read until even tape couldn’t keep the pages in the broken spine.  Continue reading