“The Year from Hell”

So says my mother, who doesn’t tend to talk so negatively. In fact, she’s been doing very well since the end of her radiation and chemotherapy. However, I put the final straw on her camel’s back for 2021.

I can’t go home for Christmas because I’m sick.

Is it Covid? my readers may wonder.

How should I know? Because of Covid precautions, my doctor video-called me and went through my symptoms. Then he decided to treat me for both Covid and a bacterial infection. Sure, I could go get a proper test by appointment at a drugstore a couple hours’ drive both ways. Or, I could quarantine and not inflict the creeping crud (complete with laryngitis) on innocent passersby.

Still, this is the lousiest Christmas I’ve ever had. 2022 had better be a heck of a lot better!