April Update: Minimalism Edition

I finished the 12-week Uncluttered course. It was interesting, motivating, and irksome.

Interesting: Seeing how other people live. Despite demographic and geographic differences, I had a lot in common with a widow in a tiny NYC apartment and new parents in a UK two-up-two-down house. We minimized cherished belongings to free time and space for the here-and-now.

Motivating: The weekly goals and participation helped a lot, particularly when another participant would confess, “I’m behind.” Plus, occasionally someone would balk at a weekly assignment and other attendees offered work-around ideas.

Which leads me to…

Irksome: I’m not new to minimalism and have discarded certain practices espoused by minimalists. For example, the 333 Project (creating a 3-month fashion capsule of 33 items) is a fantastic way to step off the fashion treadmill.

For me, out-of-sight-out-of-mind is a loser’s game.1 Instead, I culled clothes. My four-season wardrobe fits into a closet and a single chest of drawers. When a cold-snap struck before Easter, retrieving winter-weight clothes was easy.

Similarly, relying on digital media solves one problem (book and paper clutter) but leads to another (too much screen-time). I decided to limit personal devices to one: a phone. It’s not nearly as easy to “surf the Web” – let alone post on blogs!

  1. Longtime readers may remember I accidently donated my cold-weather wardrobe. What a budget-buster that was!

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