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Sheree at View from the Back posted an interesting set of photos of Street Art (Murals, Graffiti, 3D Grafitti, Poster art, Sticker art, Sculptures and Sidewalk Chalk art). I wanted to follow suit because I enjoy statuary and decorative arts.

When I first moved the Bluewater Area, I was surprised that even small towns have public art. Algonac, a city of about four thousand, hosts an art fair on the waterfront. It also boasts seasonal displays.

The oldest statue is the Civil War Memorial, located between the boat launch and the ferry to Canada (which is, if I recall, the smallest border crossing between the US and Canada).

The original Civil War memorial was updated to include Armed Forces flags and Missing in Action (MIA) remembrances.
Ojibwe (Otchipwe)/English addition to the War Memorial.

Most street art reflects the importance of the waterway to life and industry.

The Garfield Arthur Wood memorial celebrates the inventor and industrialist who also was the first to travel over 100 miles per hour on water. Chris-Craft Boats was born here, a joint enterprise by Christopher Columbus Smith and “Gar” Wood. The white building behind it started as a doctor’s house, hosted the original public library, and currently serves as the historical museum.

Another statue depicts past and present navigators of the St. Clair River. The Native American faces the water; the European, inland. There was too much shadow to focus on the details on the other side, like the string of fish.

The Spirit of Algonac by Alexander Buchan, dedicated in 1989.

Some art is less formal. In the spring, local artists began painting the concrete bases of lightpoles and spiles (single mooring posts on shore – in this case, on the inland side of the boardwalk). The theme is nautical; the execution, whimsical; and the effect, pretty.

This doesn’t fit the definition of “street art,” but I want to include ribbons, since they serve a decorative purpose as well as drawing attention to community groups. These teal ribbons, part of the Tie Michigan Teal campaign, were put up by volunteers with the Michigan Ovarian Cancer Alliance. They will remain throughout September.

I enjoyed taking photos so much, I may take a daytrip to another town!

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    • Thank you very much. A compliment from you means a lot, considering your lovely photos. I don’t know how you manage such coherence AND variety from post to post.

      • well I am honored (truly) to read that comment from you (my goodness was it sweet) and I am not sure about other bloggers – but I do know that I have found a groove (with many changes over the years) and you know how it is – we change – the way we experience the blog changes and our posting content changes – and I think the most important thing is that we all bring our essence into the blogosphere – that is what helped me most – to not compare and to not think of numbers (because they can be so skewed and off anyways) right ?
        thanks again for the art

    • Thank you! I owe it to limited time and limited phone data. I would have liked to include calligraphy (really!) from the skatepark, but I couldn’t fit another photo.

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