Covid Cooking

My friends, M’e the Fashionista in particular, have been sharing recipes to try during the stay-at-home order. Unfortunately, they tend to have unavailable ingredients like flour and cream.

My recent foray into the grocery store consisted of buying eggs and searching the discount meat bin. Finding a package of beer brats for $2.24 means I have something tasty to add to the usual frozen vegetables (zucchini, green beans, and peppers, usually).*

Mostly I make do with whatever is in the cupboard, whether it’s canned salmon or a jar of pickled peppers. My current favorite dessert combines the following ingredients:


First, make the instant oatmeal, and then add pumpkin and chopped nuts to taste. Easy peasy.

* Yes, I’m still following the plan of The Year of Mindful Spending. It’s ironic that I’ve spent more on books since the shutdown – children’s books for The Young Humans, most of whom had never read Treasure Island, Call of the Wild, or other classics.