Be Concise

The Boss figured out that we need regular “office hours” every day, rather than compulsory check-ins multiple times throughout the day. He also set a class schedule for our young humans, so they know when lessons become available and when they’re due.

I’m grateful.

Too bad we can’t figure out a platform, or how to get me access to my locked Google account (which was locked 6 years ago and I’ve been using another school account). Another day, another vexation.

Last week I started getting blinding headaches, the kind in which water seems to be streaming down in the corners of my eyes and slowly moves forward until my vision blurs completely. Something similar happened a few years ago and I was told it was a migraine.

Why now? I have work to do!

As usual, the answer is wretchedly ironic: Too much screentime! The doctor-consultant (whom I “saw” online) had a pleasant laugh at my reaction. (M’e the Fashionista used to call it my “laugh of the damned.”)

Starting yesterday, I began the cure: For every 25 minutes of screentime, I take a 5-minute break and look into the distance. It seems to be working – and it gave me a good excuse to go on a leisurely drive down the empty two-lane highway that follows the river.

Also, the new regimen has forced me to write on paper, edit, and then type. Or write quickly and concisely.