It’s here… Covid-19 closure

Yesterday night, the governor of Michigan announced a state of emergency and closed all schools for three weeks. She made the announcement on the eleven o’clock news.

I, of course, was sound asleep. My only clue was the odd text from the Boss that said The Young Human Factory would be open for business today. I thought there were concerns about flooding or downed wires from last night’s windstorm.

When I arrived, the parking lot was full. Two colleagues greeted me at the door; they told me the news. As I walked to my room, mulling the news, others were running in and out of the copy room. You see, the Boss told everyone to get two weeks’ worth of work ready.

Online classes were also fired up, whether old Moodle accounts or newer Google classes.

Me? I ignored the Middle School Mafia – most of whom will lose their memories of school by next Tuesday and revert to their natural savagery by Thursday – and focused on the seniors and juniors. They have work for each week and will be expected to email their answers. Additionally, the seniors made appointments for practice oral exams by phone.

Then I hauled boxes of books, projects, essays, and planning material home. They sit now on the livingroom floor where they will remain until tomorrow afternoon, when I planned to attend Port Huron’s St. Patrick’s Day parade.

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