Cranky Birdies

Except during the snowstorm, the birdfeeder has been a hub of frantic activity. Sparrows, juncos, cardinals, and (my favorite) chickadees have flitted in and out.


As the last round of snow melts, the birds are landing on the clearing deck.

However, certain birds will not tolerate others feeding at their suet block. Nuthatches jab at neighboring diners; downy woodpeckers intimidate far larger birds. And, in a dramatic moment I wished I’d captured on film, a redheaded woodpecker managed to catch the leg of a sparrow and fling it aside.

I’m glad pterodactyls are extinct.


Redheaded murder-bird is focused on food, so sparrow is safe… for now.

A personal note: February has been rough in and around La Casa de Tontería. My parents both hadsurgeries last week, but I didn’t make the trek because I have the Creeping Crud. I called in sick one day when I had a fever, but otherwise have slogged onward. I owe some readers a January progress report. Expect it when I post it!

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