Gardening Temptations

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NOT the garden of La Casa de Tontería aka The House Of Nonsense. Photo by on

Tracking expenses this month, I noticed that Winter has no dampening effect on the gardening bug. During the thaw before New Year’s, I visited Migardener garden store for inspiration (and vegetable seeds), used a Christmas gift card to purchase planting bags, and began reading the bonsai book a friend gave me. I’m waiting on this month’s orders: daikon radish seeds, a paper pot mold, rock-wool, and a sower.

I like to blame peer pressure.

If you are picturing a gang wearing gardening gloves and wielding hoes and thatch rakes, you would be almost right. Just add a goth lady interested in Victorian-era heirloom plants and a fruit farmer with a penchant for dahlias.

I laugh at myself because La Casa de Tontería has a tiny garden plot in front, shaded by oaks, and only slightly better conditions in the back. Yet when my online group shares photos and seed catalogs, it’s so hard not to caught up in the enthusiasm. Just this past weekend there was talk of grow lights, blue hosta roots, black hollyhock seeds, how to use a juniper seedling as a bonsai starter…

In other words, the stuff that dreams are made of!

6 thoughts on “Gardening Temptations

  1. I think this is an old dream coming back. Remember when we used to cut across the Arboretum to North Campus and dream of owning a house butting up to it?

    BTW there are several gardens and arboreta near us, including Wave Hill. Hint, hint.

    • Isn’t it sad that I’d forgotten that? Some dreams died fast! I won’t be free until 20 June, so we’ll have to talk closer to May!

  2. I laugh with you because I don’t garden but I love knitting and sewing. It has been a great struggle to stop buying more fabric and patterns while we are cleaning out the spare rooms.
    Dreaming is more than half the fun.

    How is the mindful buying going?

    • Yes, half… sometimes more, depending on how much work is involved and how far off mark the results!

      The mindful spending is mildly annoying because my penny-pinching muscles have atrophied. Also, I need to work on planning meals that freeze or can be taken on tge road.

      Thanks for the comment and all the best to you and DH!

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