Prepping for Lights Out…

… in an unprepared way. Seriously. Any suggestions for organizing emergency supplies? I need a new system.

Dire Warnings

Freezing rain and high winds are in the forecast until after dawn tomorrow. The electric company has issued warnings and reminders about keeping warm, dry, and away from fallen wires.

I know the routine. Due to La Casa de Tontería’s strategic position in an area known for high winds and lots of trees – but not in FEMA’s newest flood zone!- it goes dark at least twice a year for a day or two. Winter merely adds the fear of hypothermia in the night.

The State of Unpreparedness

The downside of a small house and tiny shed is that there’s no space for a backup generator or a kerosene emergency heater. Instead, out comes the blackout kit and…

Oh, wait. When I shifted some hardware and tools indoors, I used the plastic carrier for outdoor gear instead of the blackout supplies. Where are they now?

After a quick check in the usual places – yes, the coffee press, 36-hour candle tin, and extra-long matchsticks are in the kitchen cupboard – the hunt moved to the wilder spaces. Why is the box of tea lights in the bedroom closet, under dress shoes? Sure, the buckets of dehydrated 30-year-fresh meals are in there*…

Where is the crank-powered radio?

After thirty minutes, I gathered the crank-powered lantern, solar-powered reading lamp, battery-powered alarm clock, cellphone charger, and subzero sleeping bag. I know where the rocket stove, fire-starter, and reflective blankets are, just in case.

But no sign of the radio.

Practice Makes Perfect
Right now I am preparing a test run of a candle-based space heater. However, I could use suggestions about how/where to store emergency supplies in future.


*Handled buckets fit perfectly on the second shelf that the previous owner installed. Supposedly he installed them as baseball-cap storage, which seemed a waste of space.


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    • And it didn’t. The flooded area in the back garden looks like a miniature skating run, and the trees are adorned with little pearls of fast-frozen water droplets, but there’s more snow than ice. Thank goodness!

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