Looking Back on 2019, Ahead to 2020

New Year’s Resolutions are not my thing. In fact, I normally spend this time of year tidying and relaxing before The Young Human Factory starts up again.  If anything, I tend to melancholy and nostalgia. If only I had done…

But I can’t help being happily circumspect this year. It’s ending better than it began.

A group of  young men rang in 2019 by yelling broken-Spanish obscenities at my bedroom window and knocking down the fence between La Casa de Tontería and the neighbor. Unless hooligans come to torch this place, it should end on a quieter note!

I started the year using a cane and undergoing physical therapy. By late spring, I was lugging heavy pots and shoveling up roots in the garden.

Several of my friends make a ritual of looking back and forward. The following is a three-question format used by my friend Eileen, who is the most dynamic and goal-achieving person I’ve ever met.

What did I do well in 2019?

  • Writing consistently, despite failures of technology and other obstacles
  • Following the anti-inflammatory diet regimen
  • Adjusting plans at work, particularly with my new co-teacher
  • Budgeting for garden improvements and making extra payments on the mortgage

What could I have done better?

  • Writing through the rough spots, instead of editing or jumping to another scene
  • Sticking with the at-home regimen drawn up by the physical therapist
  • Being more goal-oriented at The Factory
  • Avoiding nickel-and-dime spending

What will I change for 2020? (Master Goals)

  • Finish the good-enough-for-Beta-readers draft of the novel
  • Combine anti-inflammatory diet, physical therapy regimen, and exercise into daily life
  • Daily grade adjustments and documentation of student behaviors
  • Make this The Year of Mindful Spending by tracking what I pay and sticking with planned expenditures

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