Many Unhappy Returns

In a rare bout of impulsive shopping, I ordered a hoodie with a reindeer motif online. It ended up being a strangely off-black with gray patterns, not white as shown in the photos.

I hesitated to return it. First, because it’s still rather cute.

Second, it’s a hassle: I’d have to buy a return plastic envelope and drive it to the UPS store in a nearby town.

Third, it’s a light enough fabric that I can use it as a second layer between a T-shirt and a sweatshirt.

And today came the clincher: Returned Goods Get Sent to the Landfill

Good grief! Plus I learned a new term, bracket, which means “buy a medium, small and large…, and try them all on and then return the two that don’t fit.” That seems a waste of resources in and of itself.

I think the researcher’s solutions are sound, particularly buying secondhand.

And so I would encourage you to partake in [secondhand] and to look for brands that are actually part of the circular economy… repairing, refurbishing and fixing goods at the end of their life so that they can have a second life.


2 thoughts on “Many Unhappy Returns

  1. Burberry was in the news for burning goods but I gathered that it was to limit the effect of secondhand goods on their prices. It’s a despicable practice all around, isn’t it?

    And inquiring minds want to know why you are buying reindeer-themed clothing. Getting in touch with your roots? 🙂

    • I thought I just liked the deer patterns, but perhaps I’m secretly pining for the herds. There are TWO reindeer farms in my state, so perhaps I should add one to my summer plans!

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