New Computer: Oh, Happy Day!

I carefully wrote out a list of every need and want in anticipation of my 2020 challenge A Year of Mindful Shopping (I thought it sounded more honest than “Year of No Shopping”).

However, I already purchased the #1 on the list: a new computer.

My cobbled-together system, put in place after the death of the Lenovo, wasn’t working very well.   The first problem was that my old laptop couldn’t connect to a contemporary modem. Therefore, the only way I could print out my writing was to load a chapter on a flash drive, take it to work,  convert it to a newer version, correct all the formatting errors, email it to myself, open it on the iPad at home, and print it on my wireless printer.

Second, grading and planning at work is difficult when the heat turns down at The Young Human Factory. (I understand A Christmas Carol‘s Bob Cratchet so much better this year!)

Finally, BabyBro pointed out the sales on Black Friday made my budget go so much farther ($300 all told!) that I braved the afternoon crowd… which didn’t exist.  It was rather strange. Even my sister-in-law, a Black Friday aficionada, remarked that the Metro Detroit go-to places were hardly busier than a summer holiday weekend.

I had one-on-one, face-to-face customer service and walked out with a receipt in hand in less than fifteen minutes. I picked up my new HP laptop a few days ago. It took a while to transfer my writing files and download the Student/Teacher version of Microsoft Office.

But now that I have both word processing software and synchronization between computer and printer, it’s like a valve has been opened on my creativity.  Although  I write a lot by hand, I hadn’t realized how much technology made a difference in maintaining the flow.

Speaking of which, I will be getting back to the (full-sized) keyboard now!


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