Tech: A Necessary Evil?

My computer, a Lenovo Yoga, died abruptly. To be more precise, the latest Windows 10 update killed it. First came the announcement that Win10 would no longer be supported, but an update was available. Goody. After the usual shutdown and restart sequence, it stayed off.

Then I turned it on manually, at which point large white text on a dark screen (typical safety mode), declared, ” Removing the files which were uploaded.”

And then my computer died.

Virus? Bad luck? !?%&@!!?!! Incompetent company?

I don’t know. And I no longer care.

I still have the persnickety laptop that the dead one replaced, albeit without Internet access.  The old version of Office allows me to work on my novel, which was saved – hurrah!

To blog, I’m relying on a crack-screened, no-longer-updating iPad that connects to my WiFi and my wireless printer. I can’t update the blog design (sorry), but the writing and reader features work just fine.  Someone suggested I try blogging with a phone, but the laser-beams from my  eyes incinerated him. Or maybe it was just the fire I feel in my eyes after staring at a tiny screen too long.

I will see how well (and long) this cobbled-together system works.

8 thoughts on “Tech: A Necessary Evil?

  1. This happened to me about two months ago. I saw a little icon that said update. I clicked it. Did some errands. Talk to an old friend and when I sat down to do some work a bloody mess was waiting for me. Well….maybe not bloody, but you get the idea.

    I’ve come to the conclusion all of our computers are a ticking time bomb. Or a murder mystery.

    • Oh, no! Were you able to recover your work? I am in the process of printing hard copies of 1) my personal work-in-progress and 2) materials I use during my job, many of which I’ve used for a decade now. I can recreate the latter in a new medium, but only if I have the wording!

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