I want a glass of wine…

…and a slice of Pinconning cheese (sharp, but not the sharpest aged).


It’s a stormy evening, I was soaked through on my return home, and there are fresh apples in the bin. Some people like wine and cheese with crackers, but crisp apples are truly lovely with sharp cheese and a sweet wine.

Plus, I’ve been on an anti-inflammatory diet for over a month: no alcohol, no dairy, no sweeteners, etc. Sure, I feel better, especially in the hip I injured last fall. But sometimes I long for tortillas, rice, and chorizos. Or a cinnamon roll. Or Coke Zero from a fountain.

Strangely enough, I don’t miss chocolate or bread.  Nor pizza. Nor any of the foods I was warned I would crave.

Instead, it’s the seasonal dishes that call to me. Football season has begun, so I suspect hard cider and a donut will beckon soon, followed by pumpkin pie and my sister-in-law’s hors d’oeuvers (which, according to spellcheck, is French for “horse-devours”).