A Nostalgic Walk

Earlier this month, I returned to my hometown. Besides visiting my parents and a dear friend, I went walking along the roads that seemed so very long when I was a child.

Some things hadn’t changed, such as cattails and Queen Anne’s Lace growing in the ditches. The cloud banks were still as bright in the wide open sky. The redwinged blackbirds trilled harshly in the cedars.



Cattails on the edge of a hayfield.


But more than one field was being taken over by young trees or sumac. The old small farmers aren’t being replaced, and there are far fewer heads of cattle or horses. There’s still beauty there, but all the familiar landmarks are falling to Time.


The beginnings of a softwood forest invade a neglected field.


As a little girl, I looked forward to watching the calves frolicking near this barn. They always looked so NEW because their white patches were so bright.