Old Fogey Gamers are the best

This is what happens when I – a gamer so casual that it took TWO YEARS to finish a game my nephew finished in three weeks – chat with a group of old gamers.*

First, I tell them that yes, I finally finished the main storyline of Witcher 3 but not all the side quests. How did I like it? I liked that I could wander around for an hour at a time, enjoying the scenery and random monsters. The male playable character is kind of skanky, though, and I was unprepared for the gore.

Then they suggest trying the gentler Skyrim, which I quit after getting stuck in first-person view in a fight with spiiiiiders. So on a particularly rainy weekend, I played it for FIVE hours and reported back that yes, I do like it – except dungeons full of undead, which I dislike more intensely than spiders. (But there are literally books to read within the game, which was an unexpected surprise.)

Finally, we discuss coffee, work, home improvement, etc. At some point I mention that my work coffee cup is one a retiree left behind. The geezers suggest Skyrim coffee cups, which I add to my (insert name of online shopping powerhouse) wishlist.

Two packages arrived in the mail today, containing the following:


Words cannot express how tickled I am by their generosity. When I return to the Young Human Factory next week, I’ll take both and switch them up.

*They include people who played Atari games and one who worked for Sierra and/or  Blizzard back in the day.