A Walk on the Wild Side


A young, filthy raccoon left a trail down the driveway.

Most of the neighbors bring out their bins and cans Thursday night, making it a weekly street carnival for furred foodies. A raccoon left its mark on my driveway but not in the yard (unlike the new neighbors who had bits and bones strewn about).

My garbage bin sits outside all year-round because the critters haven’t figured out that when they sit on the hinged lid, they cannot pry it open. Not that the young ones don’t try.

In the day, squirrels turn the overhead wires and fences into highways. Two squirrels in particular have an aversion to ground travel. Perhaps they had a frightening encounter with one of the neighborhood’s cats in a yard or simply figured out that most predators can’t reach them. At any rate, it’s delightful to look up from gardening and see a pair or trio of squirrels following each other like acrobats walking a high wire.


A squirrel strolling on the privacy fence.



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    • Right now, the mothers are teaching the youngsters how and the neighbors’s children are home from school, so there are quite a few overstuffed bins. It could be worse. An acquaintance lost several hens when a trio tore open the weasel-fencing.

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