Oh, deer!

While I was visiting my parents, my mother pointed out the small re-blooming rose I bought her several years ago for Mother’s Day. Last year it bloomed three times, and this year it had FIVE roses in the first round.

The emphasis is on had. Faster than The Old Man could say, “I saw two deer walking alongside the driveway,” the blossoms were gone.

It’s impossible to be mad at animals for being animals, but the roses sure were pretty. I hope they bloom again in short order.

4 thoughts on “Oh, deer!

  1. This reminds me of when, at two years old, my daughter pulled the one and only flower off my beautiful orchid and said the orchid fairy had taken it. 😂

    Perhaps the deer have done a good pruning job and you may soon get double the blooms. 😁

    • I hope so! However, the roses grow near the road, so a cage or other protection may be in order, at least this season. The cold and floods have affected the deer’s usual haunts.

    • Oh, I imagine! Your Jackie works so hard on her garden. I had similar sentiments when Momma Groundhog wasn’t content with coming and going through openings under the shed but had to chew through the floor and almost all the way through one wall!

      My mother thought at first a human passerby had cut them off because only a bud was left. It was a relief to see that it was just an animal. The deer near my parents’ house are venturing closer to houses because the cool, rainy weather has stunted the growth or flooded out their usual buffet. As long as they stay out of the vegetable garden…

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