I Lost It…

My entire novel disappeared. I was working on it in Scrivener, took a break to delete old financial files and then…

A pop-up on my OPEN DOCUMENT informed me that my file no longer existed. “This window will now close,” it said.

And it did. The only thing left in the folder were files marked setting and such.

Sure,  I had last week’s backup file on a separate drive, and Chapters 1-6 had been compiled and printed off. But not the current version of Chapter 7. I had spent TWO DAYS writing and revising it, raising the word count from a little more than 1000 to almost 3000.

So it’s back to the writing tomorrow. And from here on out, I will use the compile option every day to save the current chapter as a rich text file in another folder.

6 thoughts on “I Lost It…

  1. It’s so horrible when this kind of thing happens! I truly empathize with you as I once lost a lot of work on Scrivener and will no longer use it.
    For the time being I’m sticking with Word and I may consider copying writing into a WordPress blog set to private, as a back up.

    • I am rather used to crashes, but I’ve never had an entire open file simply disappear. In fact, I didn’t think it was possible to delete a file currently in use.

      I’ve certainly learned my lesson, though! Save, print, repeat!

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. I had my warnings!

    I lost a few scenes last fall from another Scrivener project, but I figured it was my fault. I had printed the scenes, so it wasn’t a concern. I was told by another writer that she lost her entire manuscript after updating to the latest version of Scrivener this past autumn, but mine seemed fine.

    Thank you for the tip.

    I decided to bite the bullet and buy Microsoft Office. It may be harder to move between chapters and create a final manuscript, but it’s more reliable. Not to mention, I can track changes and click Read Aloud.

    • The worst! Yet I’m glad it happened now, when I have free time. I am converting my other Scrivener files to other formats today.

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