Cheering on the Underdog… bird

I enjoy sitting on the front porch in the early evening. Reading relaxes me and sometimes interesting things happen in the street or the wooded lot.

Sunday I went inside for a moment and returned to a ruckus. Robins* chased a big tomcat across the lawn, past the street, and into the wooded lot. (And I finished the job, according to the neighbor.) It seems they had a vested interested in a noisy little intruder that had taken over the porch.


Fledgling finds a precarious perch on the porch.

The local paper recently ran a warning about the illegality of moving nests of migratory birds. It’s the time of year when hatchlings begin to test their wings. My fluffy intruder had ventured onto a comfortable perch. Into dusk, its parents brought worms and other goodies. (Which I filmed but cannot post here…)

To be honest, I grew concerned that the tomcat would sneak back for a snack. Yes, yes, survival of the fittest and all that rot. I don’t care!

I was delighted when it flew into the low branches of the white oak.

*The North American robin, the harbinger of spring, is a thrush that puts its Old World namesake to shame.  Don’t believe me? Here is a loooong recording.