Cup o’ Joe

Tony Bologna came onto my reader feed with an oldie but goodie (or perhaps “goofy”) look at gas station coffee.

Since my decision to cut back on caffeine and dining out, I have fewer cups of java, but appreciate them more.My gas station coffee of choice is Speedway because it’s generally hot and fresh. For coffee franchises, Tim Hortons  (check out the international locations!) beats Starbucks every time.

6 thoughts on “Cup o’ Joe

  1. My family up in western New York will only drink Tim Horton’s
    – and back in the 1980s – we could only get it from Canada

      • And never had speedway coffee – but I do see their trucks on the highway.
        Our gas station coffee is a tie between SHeetz and WaWa

          • Well SHeetz is brilliant because they seem to have locations on the northern routes – for example – last time I made the miserable drive to western New York – there were two new SHeetz going up – in key locations –
            And when a WaWa finally came near us – I do think I jumped for joy – a little jump

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