Book Review: Write Your Novel in a Month by Jeff Gerke

Note : This is a review I wrote and forgot to post a loooong time ago. Mea culpa.

Gerke, Jeff. Write Your Novel in a Month: How to Complete a First Draft in 30 Days and What to Do next. Cincinnati: Writer’s Digest, 2013. Print.                          

Summary: A fast-paced guidebook that incorporates and condenses much of Gerke’s previous material

Having recently The First 50 Pages, I skipped half of this book after I recognized the first nine chapters as a condensed version. See my previous review for details.

I must mention Gerke’s continued use of film examples in his guidebooks about writing novels. He’s gotten bolder, going so far as to write, “I do that without apology” (9) in the introduction. Too bad he’s using the same examples as The First 50 Pages. Fortunately, he’s added Game of Thrones (TV adaptation) to keep it fresh.*

The bigger issue is that he doesn’t really give much in the way of “what to do next” if one does, in fact, finish a novel in 30 days.

Book Project Conclusion: 

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*I never watched it because I have no cable, only Amazon Prime. If he had used Justified, however…


5 thoughts on “Book Review: Write Your Novel in a Month by Jeff Gerke

  1. I have a couple of Jeff’s books. He’s very motivating but I know what you mean about following a similar pattern. Still haven’t finished my novel though. 😁

    • Oddly enough, I finished a rough draft using his 30-day and Weiland’s guide. I put it aside in the fall and then came across a story started in my childhood… and I’ve been chugging away all but four days since (but no consecutive skipped days).

      How are you progressing?

      • That sounds good! I was doing well with my novel until we had some serious illness and a subsequent death in the family. It left me feeling depressed and I couldn’t set my mind to anything. That was about a year ago. I’m feeling a lot better now and ready to start again. I think, though, I will let the current novel sleep a bit longer and work on something fresh. I’m thinking of writing magic/fantasy for children in the 9-12 age group and I’m feeling excited about it. I always did prefer children’s books … Tom’s Midnight Garden is still my favourite novel. 😀

        • I don’t think I have read Tom’s Midnight Garden, so I just requested it from the library. The Chronicles of Prydain were the books I loved best, although I was 18 when I was finally able to finish them. Our school library had only three of the five books! Many children’s classics I discovered in adulthood.

          My condolences on your loss. Your experience with grief is not surprising. I’m glad you’re returning to writing.

          • Thanks so much for your kind words
            I haven’t heard of the Chronicles of Prydain, so Will look them up. I hope you enjoy Tom’s Midnight Garden. ☺.

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