Who Loves the Rain?

Mosquitoes, obviously. I have had to close the bedroom door in case one (or more) sneak into La Casa de Tontería. There is nothing less relaxing than drifting into slumber, only to hear the whining buzz of a bloodsucker. As soon as the light goes on, the tiny monster hides but by then it’s too late: I declare war and move heaven and earth (or furniture, in thus case) until the wee fairy-like vampire is a splotch on the bottom of a tissue box.*

But also the flowers. I am delighted with my garden so far. Check this out:


Wild columbine growing among the day lilies at the base of a water-loving swamp oak (also called a blue oak).

*Slippers are heavy arsenal reserved for spiders and Green Berets. So far no Green Berets have shown up in my home. Someone must have tipped them off.

2 thoughts on “Who Loves the Rain?

  1. Derrick, you have such a lovely garden. I am still a beginner.

    These columbine are “volunteers.” I had never seen them until the first one came up in the day lilies. One of my friends identified it. Either a bird seeded it or it came with the transplanted lilies.

    From what everyone tells me, the wild ones are notoriously fussy about being moved. I’m thrilled to have two this year!

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