Broken Habits

St Anthony in charge of my thumbdrive

St. Anthony is the patron saint of lost items and other things that need to be found. He is in charge of this dinky thumb drive.

I lost my car keys. They must be somewhere in the house, and since La Casa de Tontería is small, you’d think I’d quickly find them. But no.

They weren’t in yesterday’s garbage. I found three pens and a thumb drive beneath the sofa cushions. The catch-all table is clear. Still no keys.

My annoyance with myself is rising. I made it a habit to hang the keys on a magnetic hook on the inside of the front door. I also had habits of making the bed, hanging up my jacket, and packing a lunch.

It amazes me that letting one good habit fall creates a domino-effect of destruction.

But pardon me now. I have to continue the hunt.