Writing Progress

imageOwing to my diminished mobility this winter, I wrote thousands upon thousands of words of my novels.* Yes, novels. But don’t worry, I merely sketched out a sequel… sequels.

Above is the draft of my writing. The dividers represent different stories. Yes, the top one is thin, but that’s because I work on it everyday but don’t print it out.

However, I recently begged  convinced two friends to be the Beta Readers for the first five chapters.** One has “known” my characters since we were twelve-year-olds  and shared our disappointment that our school and public libraries had so few fantasy novels. The other is a voracious reader of fantasy, mostly for older readers.

I will keep you posted.


*And fattened up like a veal calf. I injured myself while exercising, so my body took revenge. “That’ll teach you to exercise!”

**Could use ONE more…