Doggone it!*

Yesterday I found myself with dog poo on my hand and dress. Before I ran errands, I decided to retrieve the trash bin. The garbage man (aka sanitation worker) flips it upside-down so it doesn’t roll into the street.

Unfortunately, he flipped it into a fresh dog pile beside my mailbox. Right next to my mailbox, as a matter of fact.

This is the second time in a month that a dog walker decided to let his/her precious pooch dump on my lawn and didn’t clean up.

On hot days I can smell it on approach – yesterday was cool and I have a cold –  making every trip to the mailbox a delight. I won’t even explain what happens when a low-profile pushmower meets a pile. Neither pretty nor perfumey.

Just to add insult to injury, there is a rarely-mowed wooded lot right across the street. So there is an easy way to avoid inconveniencing homeowners.

I was going to type “neighbors” instead of “homeowners”, but there are so many dog walkers coming from other streets. The road dead ends into wooded marshland and it’s a pleasant low-traffic walk (or ATV track for kids). There are also a lot of newcomers to the area, and some courtesies have to be learned by experience.

I know the futility of teaching adults manners, so I cleaned myself and the mess up. Then I sprayed the area with animal deterrent (smells pretty to me). I don’t want to find any surprises in the autumn leaves.

*This title is one of many substitutes for curses and vulgar English phrases. It’s like when a dad says “miércoles” instead of that other word because the baby repeats everything she hears.

2 thoughts on “Doggone it!*

  1. I would just die if this happened to me. But first, burn my dress! Then, hunt down the dog’s owner! And then die. I can’t deal with poo, mucus, or anything like that. I’m a wimp.

    Also, the Minimalists talked about “at least I didn’t step in dog poo.” I kid you not.

  2. I was disgusted, but what else could I do? I will note something anti-minimalistic: paper towel came to the rescue!

    I DID watch that podcast by The Minimalists! I saw it just after my mishap. It is true: the days when things seem to go wrong, there is always worse that doesn’t happen.

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