Secret Lives of Insects

I took a couple mini vacations and returned to an undisturbed Casa de Tontería.

Or so I thought.

Yesterday I spied a strange sight near the bathroom door: a tiny artsy mobile shivering in the wake of my passing. I put my glasses on and took a closer look.

Gossamer threads sported teeny husks of insects.

Yuck! I tolerate most insects outdoors, but indoors, no. But an exterminator could make them no deader than they are.

It’s been very dry for over a week – just a half day of rain – and various creatures have been seeking water. As they came up through some hairline opening along the bathroom doorframe, a spider awaited.

Plus teeny flies – we call them “sink flies” – came out as the pipes dried. They lived and died while I was away, their bodies lying in the basin until I scrubbed my hands and washed them out.

I imagine them throwing parties, getting drunk, and taking things too far while the landlady was away. I hope they had fun.

And I’m firing up the vacuum in case I find any stragglers.