No shopping year? Why not?

In April, I joked about going a year without buying anything. I declined the challenge because it sounded impossible.

Since then, I have gotten a better explanation of what that means.  

Evidently, it’s not really no-buying. It’s buying only necessities – and no getting suckered into thinking something is necessary. (BTW I discovered while watching the Tigers game today that Amazon Prime Day is some sort of international event. How very droll.)

One of my blog-lurkers made a game in which she made a special savings account knicknamed “Prohibición de compras”. When she really, really wanted something like a pair of shoes or delivery pizza, she figured out how much it would cost. Then, if she managed to thwart the temptation, she deposited that amount at the end of the month. (Gracias por compartir tu idea conmigo, Reina.)

My friend Toni – aka Ms. Better-Than-Pinterest – shared a lot of articles she found about minimalism like this one.

So I think I have the gist of the “rules”:

  • No new or new-to-me thrift additions to the wardrobe
  • No new _______ until current supply of _________ is used up
  • No entertainment purchases with the exception of experiences (This seems to be popular loophole; for example a learning experience or roadtrip.)

If anything breaks or wears beyond prepare, there is a process:

  1. Substitute.
  2. Borrow.
  3. Buy used.

This actually sounds feasible. In fact, I have already incorporated some practices into daily life.

In other words, I’m game!

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Caitlin Flanders did it for two years, confessing the “dreaded trifecta of consumerism” sucked her back in. She wrote a book, but I REFUSE to buy it.