Hit the deck!

But not with your whole body, and certainly not while trying to catch yourself with one hand.

Yes, Klutziness (my superpower) reared its head this week and bodyslammed me as I  was carrying shopping into La Casa de Tontería. I reached out with my free hand to catch myself and did, but then I slid. The motion was like sanding wood, only I sanded myself.

I picked up souvenir splinters. The doctor was able to remove the biggest, but my body can work the little six.

Strangely enough, the splinters didn’t hurt as much as the bruised, friction-burned area in my palm. At first I didn’t even notice my ring finger, which I cannot bring myself to describe.

I handled it with ice, disinfectant, and bandages. (I saw the doctor during my scheduled dermatology appointment.)  Yet it’s amazing how a minor injury set me back.

I was prepping to paint the bathroom, but I can’t hold a pen, let alone a brush. So that plan is pushed back to the second week of July, between holidays and family events.

I’ve been two-finger typing this post, but mostly reading online. I’m also single-handedly cleaning my office (well, mostly. I can use a pincer grip between the unscathed thumb and forefinger.)

I should be ready to drive by the weekend and I’ll post again when I can.