April… erm, May Update

It’s been a while. Life at The Young Human Factory has flooded over into el ocio (edit: leisure. My brain is not wanting to English today.) I enjoyed a lovely luncheon on Cinco de Mayo in honor of my aunt’s birthday.

However, when I take a weekend off, I must pay with another. This weekend is devoted to lawncare and catching up at work.

But all is not bleak. Below are highlights from the previous month.

The voters have elected to fix the roof at The Factory.

I look forward to having a ceiling again. Later funds will also be used to update technology. In the meantime, Windows XP rules

I switched Internet providers.

While others are cutting cable, I ordered it last month.  As a long-term customer of AT&T, I was terribly disgusted by the rising cost of spotty service and opaque customer representatives. The last straw was an increase of nearly a dollar for no discernible reason.

I was leery of not having a landline, but I’m already enjoying the lack of mystery messages, scammers, and nonprofit solicitations. My “dumb phone” costs $107 a year and loses connection when I’m vacationing, as it should.

Having cable TV is temporary, but I enjoyed the hockey playoffs. I also have free movie channels for a year and managed to watch one this last month.

Bullet journal, schmullet journal

I forgot to use it for three straight weeks, relying instead on a wall calendar and the Big Bosses (and various minions) ability to change schedules at any time.

Do not ask me about state testing. Or IAs. Or GPAs. I need an IPA.

I barely escaped chaperoning a middle school world-ending year-ending field trip. Or so they say. (And everyone knows how tricky they are!) The month isn’t over yet, and there’s always time for a last-minute castigating change.

La Casa de Tontería is more and more mine.

I have away at my mortgage principal with two extra payments. Now I really see the difference: almost 3/4 of every regular payment goes to the principal.

Slugs the size of my thumb… eww!

The backyard flooded and, as usual, earthworms came onto the drive and walk. But the slugs were truly amazing.  I seriously entertained the idea of pouring salt over the yard and killing everything alive.

Luckily someone suggested a nice beer trap. I will try it, as night-hunting seems a little too hands-on for me. As another expert warned me, picking slugs feels like “picking someone else’s boogers.” (Thank you, Marcia, for that lovely image!)