Pomodoro, tomate, tomato…other time management

Have you ever had one of those days weeks when your brain simply refused to stay on task? Me, too!

pexels-photo-280254.jpegI felt as if my mental To Do Playlist was set on shuffle, and every time I got into a groove, the next track came up. Worse yet, time seemed to speed up so that my intense moments flashed by.

In contrast, time slowed when waiting on technology. Yes, various apps and software decided that updates and compatibility issues needed addressing posthaste.

As soon as my time was my own, I wrote down my list and set up a timer.  Years ago, I heard about an Italian “pomodoro technique” to use chunks of time well. As much as I like to tackle big projects at once, the truth is that I risk neglecting other work. I also tend to push aside sleep (and all-nighters are for procrastinating kids).

Recommended Reading

The 2015 Fast Company piece that showed me how it’s done: Chris Winfield’s The Simple Technique to Fit a 40-Hour Workweek into 16.7 Hours

Then Gina Horkey’s blogpost How to Use the Pomodoro Technique as a Freelance Writer at The Write Life