March 2018 Progress Report

pexels-photo-261735.jpegThe bullet journal is good, but needs tweaking. 

I like putting a one-line description that covers the key task of the day. Project management is a breeze.

However, I still have a hanging calendar AND a work calendar. There seems to be so much I need to remind myself, and it doesn’t fit in bullets.

“The four-month “future” section isn’t. It’s NOW. I’m loathe to create a new section every month, so maybe every other month?

The Cycle Is Vicious

I get ready to work, work, bring things home, work on them after dinner, hear the alarm telling me to go to bed, go to bed, wake to the light, get ready for work…

I don’t even have time to procrastinate!

The Young Human Factory Needs a Dutch Boy

Preferably a mutant boy with extra digits, because one finger isn’t enough.

The roof leaks so badly that FOUR garbage cans collect water. I couldn’t use any overhead hardware because water was pouring out of the plug in the ceiling. Before leaving for Easter vacation, I put all paperwork under the desk in case a new leak springs.

Last year when a sinking fund was proposed to make structural fixes, it was voted down by fewer than 30 votes. Even worse, only 18% of parents with children in The Young Human Factory voted.

I guess they expected others to go to the polls.

The birds came back.

Robins finished their territorial disputes and are currently building homes.

No garage for me.

Also no carport. The building codes have changed so much that La Casa de Tontería couldn’t even be built today; the minimum house size is a thousand square feet.

I will be able to replace the shed if I pay a $25 feet, move a foot away from the property lines in either direction, and pray that it’s still far away enough from the main house. It can’t have electricity anymore unless I pay expensive permit and inspection fees.

But that wasn’t the most shocking thing.

Jerkface MacGuyver, the worst builder ever, never got a permit to build a shed, let alone run electricity to it.

When I asked that building department worker how it is possible that a shed was built twenty years ago in full sight of the street and no one noticed, she said that Inspectors had come and gone since then.

There’s probably a marvelous story of corruption in there, but I don’t want to sleep with the fishes. I just want a place to store tools and putter around.

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