Ah, sweet filthy lucre!

Money was running through my fingers like water this week, what with the chariot due for an oil change, toiletries running out, and shoelaces needing a replacement.  I found myself grabbing gas money out of the “Stash o’ Cash”.

Some readers may know it by another name: the emergency fund. I learned to squirrel away bills and coins for those situations that require cash on hand. (I admit it began with a gas-and-pizza fund at college.) It’s a kind of running joke among old friends that some of us follow the “squirrel model” too closely and forget where they put it. (Or add to it without using it, like my grandfather who stashed thousands of dollars in a safe over the course of years!)

I pulled out my cache and found a pre-1996 design US $20. Based on the issue date, I think it was stashed for at least fifteen years! It made me happy that despite lean times, I never completely depleted the Stash o’ Cash.

Additionally, I was gobsmacked, floored, and various other colloquialisms that stores give people money. I went to two stores with “rewards” for customers and was given $15 to spend on my next shopping trip.

Because it may be months before I venture to the city again, I put my bags in the car and then came back for toilet paper and prunes. (Note to the Old Man: Guess what you’re getting for your birthday?!?)

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How to Find Your Personal Style My vff (very fashionable friend) introduced me to the YouTube stylings of fashionistas who explain “how to look expensive”. When I was done laughing – because “looking expensive” can mean charging more than someone who “looks cheap” – I watched a few to appease her try something new. I enjoyed Audrey Coyne’s channel because 1) she clearly wasn’t looking for a SugarDaddy and 2) she reminded me to pull out my scarves and accessories to look a little less like a sleep-deprived squirrel-herder.

I Own 28 Items of Clothing (and Only Wear 9 Regularly)  On the other hand, this West Coast woman embraces flannel, jeans, and Tom’s shoes. Cait Flanders decided to go a year without buying anything beyond necessities and a few items from a pre-planned shopping list, and she also pared down. The photos show her wardrobe, and once again I covet the climate in British Columbia. (As I explained to a Victoria Islander, my state has all four seasons, sometimes within 24 hours!)






2 thoughts on “Ah, sweet filthy lucre!

  1. Take the $20 bill to the bank. Many stores don’t take the old design, and finding out when it’s an emergency is very bad!

    Also think it’s time you did a Year of No Buying and give details, details, details! It is going to be very funny if you do.

  2. Good advice about the bill!

    A YEAR without spending? I don’t know. I’m afraid that the “it’s going to be funny” might refer to the lengths I would go to in order to not buy toilet paper or something. (Just kidding.) One of my weaknesses is a tendency to focus on one goal to the exclusion of everyday life. (Not kidding.)

    I will look into it and think about it.

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