Final February 2018 Progress Report

The highlight of the month was getting shot.

I attended active shooter response training in the workplace. Called ALICE, it was conducted by local law enforcement and designed for unarmed civilians.

I was shot by an undercover police officer. He walked in quickly and “hit” several of my coworkers, too. It took just seconds from the time he fired in the hallway to the moment he finishing shooting us.

A sobering experience, to say the least.

I’m scheming to simplify my backyard.

It rained, sleeted, and snowed yesterday, but I was living a summer dream. I had  borrowed Small Garden books and pored through them for ideas.  Most featured mild climates like California and Victoria Island. However, a couple books gave me great ideas. Keith Davitt’s Hardscaping demonstrated that moving the birdbath will improve the view’s focal point, and Andrew Wilson’s Small Garden Handbook included step-by-step planning.

I have to replace the shed, which was already beginning to rot before the groundhogs wreaked havoc on the floor and walls. Today I met a builder by chance and got his card.

My biggest concern has been how much yard will remain when a garage is built. Must I cut down the maple tree?  Will the garden die off in the shadow of the new structure?

Now I’m concerned about how the tax assessor will react.

I never thought I’d find myself in the position of arguing that La Casa de Tontería isn’t worth much! Yet I’m getting ready to rumble with the assessors office.

My property value has again increased and this time it’s well above market value. The beautiful house two doors up the street – twice the size and with an attached two-car garage – sold for $12K more than my estimated value. There’s no way I can sell mine for anything close.

Why? Because the next-door neighbor is a filthy beast. After the authorities ticketed him for piling garbage along the front of the house, he stopped taking garbage out at all, He just recently started taking bags out again – piling them near the front step again.

I intend to approach the assessment board with the argument that as long as the house next-door looks so unsavory, the value of mine cannot rise so quickly.

To prove my case, I took a photo of my driveway, which was installed almost two years ago. I made sure to show the neighbor’s deteriorating privacy fence and my leaning, rotten shed. Then I shot the front approach, highlighting the overgrown garden, hanging screens, and garbage of the neighbor’s house. Finally I zoomed in on the latest decorative touch of said neighbor: cardboard boxes and empty cans blocking the picture window. (Curtains are passé.)

Wish me luck, readers!

The bullet journal continues to grow.

I’m tracking more tasks now, especially on-the-fly notes and follow-up plans for work. With spring fast approaching, the schedule should fill faster!


4 thoughts on “Final February 2018 Progress Report

    • Oh, that really hit home! I gave up using social media and my favorite newsfeeds for Lent, then the Parkland shooting happened and I was all over it!

      I was really enjoying more sleep and reading books at a leisurely pace. On the flip side, I realized how little time I spend with real, live friends and family. Some are only a few hours’ drive and yet we haven’t seen each other face-to-face in a long time!

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