Fetishizing the Poor?

I received a message that was out-of-the-blue and full of vulgar putdowns. Someone read my recent posts and decided I was “just like Ann Pratchett” and “fetishized the poor”.

I figured out that the American author Pratchett had written an op-ed in the New York Times called “My Year of No Spending”. (It’s behind a paywall, but here is the NPR interview.) After listening to it, I understood that my correspondent thinks I’m a well-off white woman with first-world problems of over-abundance, playing at being poor.  And I may own multiple Chapstick lip balms.*

My correspondent is ridiculous. My interest in frugality is because I have two financial concerns.

First, I want to pay off the mortgage on La Casa de Tontería (aka The House of Nonsense) EARLY. I want to keep living here even if I lose my current employment. Guess what? Housing isn’t a “first-world problem”; it’s an Everybody’s Problem.

Second, I need to fund my own retirement, not just rely on the Factory’s pension plan which has changed drastically since I began working. In my neighborhood, this is an Everybody’s Problem, too. The construction worker, the cook, the nurse, the parochial school teacher, the custodian, the licensed manicurist, the unlicensed babysitter, and the odd jobber wonder how to they’ll prepare for retirement. Because my income is stagnant, frugality is part of my plan.

If my correspondent is reading, feel free to respond in the comments. But if you refer to me in derogatory language, I won’t approve your comment.

*Ann Pratchett told her audience that she ran out of Chapstick and, in searching drawers, discovered several that she had forgotten buying. As for her year of no spending, I think she likes to discover things about herself and uses time-based challenges to gain perspective. I came across another of her opinion pieces in which she tried a different writing regimen.


5 thoughts on “Fetishizing the Poor?

    • Some people always were, but they used to be content with complaining to their friends and confidantes. And then there were mean eccentrics.

      When I first moved to this little town, the locals warned me about receiving a red envelope in the mail. There was a Poison Pen writer who would send teachers, librarians, etc. accusatory and/or insulting letters.

      I prepared myself for the worst but never got anything. I’m not infamous enough, I suppose. *sigh*

      But now someone linked me unfavorably to someone rich and famous! I am so flattered!

      Seriously, I’ve been getting new readers out of the blue – which is lovely – but I don’t in what context they’re finding me. What brought you here? Your blog is a lot livelier than mine.

      • I search topics that interest me, and comment and am fairly active in the community. I’ve made friends over the years as well so most of the liveliness is just support from friends 🙂

        I’m glad you take the relation as flattery because you should.

        • What a wonderful group of friends you have!

          But my “lively” comment was really about your blog style overall. I like your style of writing. Your “Shop My Stash” post was beautifully organized and showed every cosmetic in its best form, including the ones you trashed.

          I hope I can occasionally write something that interests you, but my blog is more Plain Jane.

          • I’m good with plain Jane as well 🙂 it’s my blogging friends that are the best. I’ll be around to support forever and always 🙂 thank you for your lovely compliment.

            I really just write how I feel/talk in real life 🙂

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