Trying out the Bullet Journal

I started a Bullet Journal this week.

I’m actually a little angry that I didn’t do it before. Not angry at myself, mind you – no, I’m angry at the ladies who introduced me to the concept, complete with different colors, highlighters, stickers, etc. and apps on their Smartphones.

In other words, they complicated it when the entire point of bullet journaling is to focus on what is important. Ryder Carroll created it as a tool to combat a cluttered mind and a distracted life.

In my case, I want to replace my current system, known as Do Something Now Because There’s A Fire! (trademark pending) I don’t particularly like when I self-immolate because I forget a deadline. I loathe fire starters who casually toss a molotov cocktail through my doorway.

The Bullet Journal seems like a way to slide a fire extinguisher into the things I want and need to do for myself. I’ll let you know how it goes!


Bullet Journaling 101 The official site’s page that covers the basics without forcing you to buy its product. That’s terrific! The video under Start Here shows you how to set up any journal.

How to Lead an Intentional Life A TED Talk by Ryder Carroll.

A Bullet Journal with Stickers. Just to give you an idea why I thought the system would just be more fuel for the fires.