End of Year Threats, erm, Resolution Ideas

It’s that time again when friends forward all sorts of intriguing ideas about how to improve oneself in the New Year. Decluttering, trying a new hobby, building a need-only budget, replacing one meal a day with a colon-cleansing smoothie….

They make me want to revive the practice of The Unresolution: declaring what life improvements will be discontinued. My former co-workers promoted it at their year ending parties. (My favorite was when M’e the Fashionista declared she would no longer attempt to like jazz.)

However, these past months of working longer hours at the Young Human Factory have reminded me that periodically I must wrestle my life back into balance. So I admire my friends’ resolve, even if I cannot personally follow their suggestions.

Among them, I found two particularly interesting resolutions:

  • Let go of things that aren’t tools for one’s goals. Marie Kondo asks of items, “Does it spark joy?” Joshua Becker had an interesting counter to the question: “Does it help me fulfill a greater purpose with my life?”
  • Don’t buy anything new. If you’re like me – and I know I am – secondhand shops and rummage sales are temptingly inexpensive ways to burn hard-earned cash. However, being on the lookout for new! exciting! merchandise builds dissatisfaction with what you already have. (Resolution grew out of a Year of No Spending challenge taken up in 2016 by a financial journalist.)

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