Of Hoarders and Drug Dealers

La Casa de Tontería will celebrate its 20th birthday this summer (I’m the third or fourth owner). It’s located in a working class neighborhood with little traffic and a plethora of kids. Usually the worst things about life here are the air pollution created by burning yard waste and the petty crimes committed by the Middle School Mafia.

But recent months don’t bode well.

In October, a family down the street hosted a drug bust. From the outside, it looked like the regular home of a regular family with friends who visited regularly. According to police report, inside was a distribution center. They had crack cocaine, analogue pills and marijuana, along with scales and packaging material.

It’s small consolation that acquaintances in more upscale neighborhoods tell me of similar deceptive dealers. Who wants scum in their neighborhood?

Then there’s the hoarder next door to me. Early this summer, the local authorities forced him to take the piles of garbage bags from his porch to the street. Ever since then, he hasn’t  taken any garbage out of his house. I can only imagine what the interior looks like – he piled cardboard boxes in front of the un-curtained picture window – but trees are growing out of cracks in his driveway. It’s a shame especially considering how much care the previous owners gave it.

I hope that the neighborhood improves. I hate to think of this House of Nonsense surrounded by blight and crime.