DIY Writer’s Retreat 2017

This summer has been exceptionally bogged down in minutiae like tearing out an overgrown patch garden and preparing for a very different work environment at The Young Human Factory. I despaired of having a block of undisturbed time to be alone and writing. Plus, I decided to go rewrite the first draft of my novel – and made it worse.

However, I have found the time to do a three-day, self-directed Writer’s Retreat. It started this morning.

(Note to the two readers who vowed to join me this year: No llores. Don’t cry.  I move like a glacier made of molasses and sloths. You whipper snappers can surely catch up!)

If you’d like to warm-up before joining me, today’s writing prompt is “seven steps”. 

Today I wrote the general premise of a SF short story. Then I took a stroll to let the soothing sounds of water and wildlife stimulate my imagination. By “stroll”, I mean carrying bags of stones and spreading them in the front garden; “water” came from the hose as I cleaned moss and mold off La Casa de Tontería; and “wildlife” included a hornet, a bumblebee, and something that set the hostas shaking when I neared.

For the definition of “imagination “, you must use your own.

I’m typing this during the evening break. When I used to attend Writers Voice of Detroit writing workshops (RIP),  I enjoyed a meal followed by reading, jotting down ideas, and talking with others while we sat on the shore of Lake Huron and watched the Perseid meteor shower.

I’m afraid the meals this year won’t be as good. (Tonight: Stir-fry of vegetables, rice noodles, and an egg.)  The tea is delightful, but there’s never dessert. And I’m washing the dishes.

After I finish this post, I will sit and write a free form draft of my short story. I will sit on the porch, watching people pass and avoiding clouds of mosquitos.

For your edification and/or enjoyment, I leave you with two guides: