Wordcount up! Novel-writing down!

I wrote more than 4,000 words last week, not including those that were obliterated by anti-words.* Unfortunately, not all the words were added to my novel.

In one of my files from 2012(!?!), I found a scene that had many of my characters’ names but a COMPLETELY different set of circumstances and genre (fantasy). I vaguely remember a young relative on a rainy day asking me to write a story about his Lego people. However, I don’t remember giving them those names.

So I renamed the scene’s characters and outlined a story for them. The only thing I left untouched was a snippet of introduction to the story. My young relative was a genius for coming up with this beginning:

 So a bunch of friends were sitting in their house and they said, “Hey, guys! Let’s have an adventure!”

And then they said, “What a great idea, buddy!”

That’s the way kids’ adventures should begin.

*A technical term I learned from writer Mary Catelli. It’s the words you delete as you make your first draft coherent.