Summer is coming, and the neighborhood is abounding in life. Enormous dragonflies – the sort that usually abound as summer turns to fall – flit and hover like helicopters in the open spaces of yards and gardens. Toads and voles flee from lawnmowers.

And children….

Hoo boy! It’s as if someone decided to hold a Toddlers Convention, because they and their admirers (and handlers) are out in force. Tricycles and babystrollers have the right-of-way on the street. Flowered dresses are the current micro-fashion – although, to be fair, they’re often paired with shorts. Little boys are trying to wear out their new sneakers.* The lingua franca between kiddies and adults seems to be yells punctuated by laughter and whoops of triumph.

Could this portend the next wave of Middle School Mafia? Maybe, but I prefer to hope for a brighter future.  The neighborhood was starting to look shabby and empty last year, but the For Sale signs started disappearing a few months ago. Then newly-painted doors and new landscape appeared.

The happy chatter of kiddies playing is just as sweet a sound as the birds singing.

* I know no one uses “sneakers” anymore, but we really should. “Tennis shoes” and “trainers” are silly terms. These kids don’t play tennis; their only training is for the potty. However, they’re more than likely to be sneaky, especially if there are cookie jars involved!


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