Poetry recitation where people are…

I’m in the throes of spring cleaning the linen closet, but I wanted to give my readers something nice:  Gary Dexter’s piece about reciting poetry in the streets.  He writes:

“Poetry is strong stuff: sometimes I wonder whether I’m really licensed to deal in it. Words, the right words, can make people cry and laugh and fling their arms around you. If your aim is to get hugs in the street from complete strangers, you can do no better than recite Shakespeare.” 

I’m saddened by the tl;dr crowd (too long; didn’t read), which seems to grow in number. Not to mention, I have yet to meet a person under 40 who has a poem or two memorized. But Mr. Dexter’s account gives me some hope that there are young people who are open to poetry.

2 thoughts on “Poetry recitation where people are…

  1. And how is your book project and your boos reviews? Pronto! Besitos de Ferd

    • Book project: retrasado por los impuestos/delayed by taxes
      Book review shortly. My “boos” review – Me gusta el vino tinto. 🙂

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