Squirrels* don’t like crocus bulbs. I don’t know if they taste bitter – the bulbs, not the squirrels – or if they’re poisonous. All I know is that in the fall, I kept finding bulbs lying in the yard and having to replant them.

However, not all the bulbs were abandoned. Squirrels like to bury acorns, and crocus bulbs are about the same size, so…

There are crocuses in the oddest places.  There’s a beautiful one in the front lawn, all by itself. It has pale lavender petals with dark purple veins. Then there’s two or three yellow ones near each other in the loose dirt where the oak stump was ground down.

A lot of purple ones appear near the fence. I can see them from my bedroom window. I believe those came from the front flowerbed.

But the bright orange-yellow crocus that’s sticking up from the wood chips under the birdfeeder? That’s not one of mine. I suspect a particularly industrious critter carried it there from the neighbor’s behind the fence.

Too bad the squirrels don’t have an instinct for weeding and deadheading!


*M’e the Fashionista dubbed them “demon rats” when we subletted in a house infested with them.